Drone Kits

Welcome to Life Time Hobbies!

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our website. Our goal is to get you the right product you need with the quality control you want.

We're hobby people too and nothing is more annoying than getting a product that has failed inspection and doesn't work. If you order a product from us and it's not right, we will take it back no questions asked.

What's our name about?

We believe in life that there's time to work, and theres time to play. You're either getting back to work or you're getting back to life in our opinion. So we decided on the phrase, it's "life time" when you're doing something you WANT to do, it's the opposite of "work time". Also, we believe in products and hobbies that last a life time. 

Who are we?

Well firstly, I'm Ryan. I love having fun and I love hobbies. Drones are my biggest addiction (right now). This company goes directly to the supplier of over 50,000 products and passes on the savings to you.

Where are we?

In British Columbia, Canada. We're based in Surrey, but please don't hold that against us haha.

If at any time you're getting frustrated with your hobby, we would love to help. Just hit up our contact us page and email us. Tell us what's going wrong with your project and we will do anything we can to help, even if it means we don't sell you anything. 

Our mission in life is to eradicate boredom from the face of the planet. If you're bored, let us know. We'd love to walk you through some fun easy on the wallet new things to enjoy in life.